Monday, April 11, 2011

Number three

I am writing this post on a fancy new bus on its way to Lions Bay via Horseshoe Bay. My guess is that it's a test model as there is no fair collection machine (free ride!), and all the ads on the bus are for the bus. I'm on my way to Nanaimo for a band practice/fun-time visit, but the traffic on the bridge has me wondering if I'm going to make my ferry. On the plus side, missing a ferry at Horseshoe Bay isn't the worst thing that can happen to someone. You can always get a beer in town, walk around, check the ladies. Just don't get caught slippin'.

My cider was looking good for a while (no photos, sorry), but in the past couple days it's lost some pep. I might need to add a little priming sugar when I get back or just wait until things get warmer and try again.

Here are some photos from the ferry.

Not sure how that happened.

Sun setting.

Silly people.

I've recently discovered a 400 m track mere blocks from where I work. There is a simple workout I intend to do there this coming monday, wednesday, friday. Do it.

*** Update ***

The track is made of asphalt! I got there and was like "I can do this at home", so I did.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Number two

A working bike!

There are still a few minor things left, but for now I'm just happy to have it working again.

In other news, we have a new roommate moving in today. I've never met him, but I'm sure everything will work out (this is what I need to tell myself). All kidding aside, I've got a good feeling about the whole thing. It was also a good excuse to do some spring cleaning and get rid of a bunch of junk. Anyone need a mismatched set of cutlery?

With spring approaching I've decided to start a batch of homemade hard apple cider. It's very easy to make and is ready to drink in just a few weeks. I'll try to post a quick how-to sometime.


Friday, March 25, 2011

Entry one

My first entry, hurray! I have started this blog for two reasons

1) I wanted to start writing a blog entirely on my iPod.
2) My sister suggested it would make it easier for my family to cyber-stalk me.

The venue for this first entry is the bus stop at Broadway and Clark where I'm waiting for the next 22 to come (the first bus smelled like fish and poop). My bike has been out of commission for the past little while, but the smelly bus has motivated me. Goal for next week: fix my bike.

Typing with your thumbs is frustrating so these posts will be very short for the most part.

'What's up' to Michaela and Matt over in the motherland.